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Jackson County Iowa - Land Records and Records Management

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Land Records and Records Management

The Jackson County Recorder’s office maintains and records official records of documents affecting title to property and miscellaneous documents. These records date back to 1838.

Most recorded documents are public record and can be viewed in-office.

 Assignments, Releases
 Federal and State Tax Liens
 Plats & Surveys
 Section Corner Certificates
 Military Service Records
 Trade Names
 28E & Drainage Agreements
 Bills of Sale
 Articles of Incorporation
 Financing Statements
 Other Numerous Documents

The Iowa County Association of Recorders has a statewide website, titled Iowa County Land Record Information System or CLRIS. This website has indexing and images of recorded documents available for viewing. The website is found at Businesses and individuals need to register as a public user before using the website.

The statewide Iowa County Land Record Information System (CLRIS) has the capability of accepting e-submission filings. These real estate documents are submitted over the Internet for official recording in any county in Iowa. Attorneys, real estate agents, closing agents and other authorized parties can submit documents to a website for recording. Go to for more information.