Downloadable forms from Jackson County, Iowa Assessors office such as Claim for Property Tax Exemption and Instructions or the Grain Tax Return.

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  Jackson County, Iowa Assessor Forms

These forms are from the Jackson County, Iowa Assessor's office and are for general public use. These files have been created for your use and are in a PDF format. If you don't have a program that can read PDF files, please click HERE to get the Adobe Reader. Other information may go here also as deemed needed by the Office Holder.
Board of Review Application

Application for Impoundment Structure Property Tax Exemption

Application for Industrial Property Tax Exemption

Application for Native Prairie or Wetlands Property Tax Exemption

Claim for Property Tax Exemption and Instructions

Combined Request for Pollution control and Recycling Property Tax Exemption and Certification of Pollution Control and Recycling Property

Grain Tax Return
Iowa Application for Forest or Fruit Tree Reservation
Iowa Mobile Home Park Storm Shelter Property Tax Exemption
Methane Gas Conversion Property Tax Exemption Application
Application for Certification of Wildlife Habitat
Application for Family Farm Tax Credit
Application for Property Tax Exemption Recreational Lakes, Forest Covers, Rivers and Streams, River and Stream Banks, and Open Prairies
Application for Homestead Credit
Application for Military Exemption
Historic Property Rehabilitation Tax Exemption Application
Business Property Tax Credit Form


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